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The MG-NEWPRESS® is a Thermopress especially studied for thermoplastic Technopolymers, like DENTAL D® and  FLEXIDY®

The Technopolymer transformation process has different processing phases, led back to the wax casting technique like:

  • the carring out of the mould;
  • the injection canal system suitable to the Technopolymer and to the form and volume of the prosthetic item;
  • the pre-heating of the mould;
  • the slow cooling.

Obviously, the production of a prosthetic item with thermoplastic technopolymer, in order to get good results is essential to respect the injection canals, preheating and cooling parameters.

An important aspect to take into consideration is the different behaviour, during the casting, of the thermoplastic materials from that of the alloy. With metals, the casting immediately occupies the whole canal volume, while in the thermoplastic technopolymer injection process, first of all you have deposition on the canals surface, after the filling to completing the entire volume. 

Therefore it is important in accordance with the prosthetic item to be realized, to establish the correct material to be injected and to plan correctly the dimension of the injection canals, in order to avoid air or bubbles from forming. 

Another difference in the Thermo-Injection process is the loss of the model during the injection. To obtain a model replica, on which realize the manufacture, is essential to duplicate the master model.

Then, for a correct transformation process of thermoplastic Technopolymer, is fundamental:

  • to realize a good duplicate of the master model;
  • to carry out a precise and correct modellation of the prosthetic manufacture;
  • to have a right relationship between the injection canal and the different type of manufacture;
  • to respect pre-heating times, temperatures, and pressure in accordance with the material to be injected. 






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