C-MIX Porcelain

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A complete selection of Gingival, Opaque Paste and Powder, Opacious Dentin, Incisals, Opal Spheres, Stains and Glazes in both regular C-Mix and Low Fusing C-Mix porcelains. 

  • Multi Fibe Grain for easy handling with reduced shrinkage.
  • Exhibits excellent etching qualities and can be used for any ceramic restorations in all 18 shades (A0-D4)
  • ?Truer to Vita shades and available in 30g, 120g, and opaque paste available in 5g
  • Contains Nongreening Formula. 


Gingival 30g, 120g, 1000g A0-D4
Paint Opaque 30g, 120g, 1000g A0-D4
Paste Opaque 5g, 20g A0-D4
Opacious Dentin 15g A0-D4
Shoulder Porcelain 15g A0-D4
Incisals 30g, 120g, 1000g

Light, Medium, Dark,

Clear, Translucent, Extra Light, 

White, Crystal

Opal Incisals  30g, 120g, 1000g

Light, Medium, Dark, Clear, 

Violet, Yellow, Pink, Blue

Gingival Modifier 30g

White, Yellow, Orange, Gray, Brown

Pink, Violet, Blue, Ocher

Opaque Modifier 30g

White Yellow, Orange, Gray, Brown

Pink, Ocher

Opal Spheres 15g Light, Medium, Dark
Glaze 15g, 30g High, Low
Stain 5g

White, Yellow, Orange, Gray, Brown,

Pink, Violet, Blue, Blackm Green, Ocher


Opaque Paste Liquid 15cc
Shoulder Set 15cc
Shoulder Sep 15cc
Stain and Glaze Medium 15cc, 4oz
Condenser Liquid 15cc, 4oz, 16oz

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